Aubame “BLACK PANTHER” Yang!!!!

AUBAME WHO!? AUBAME WHAT? Aubame "BLACK PANTHER" yang!!!! Representing Aubameyang the with the power of the black panther while repping Arsenal .


My artistic inspiration for this piece was ignited when I witnessed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang donning the mask of The Black Panther. As an avid enthusiast of comic books, manga, and anime, this moment resonated deeply with me, and I was compelled to create a unique artwork showcasing the Arsenal striker.

My initial step involved gathering the essential references required to craft this piece while infusing it with my distinctive style. I observed that Aubameyang’s iconic celebration, with his arms outstretched wide, mirrored a pivotal scene from the Black Panther movie. In this scene, King T’Challa reveals himself to Killmonger, dispelling the notion of his demise.

Intriguingly, when King T’Challa activates his suit, it seemingly engulfs and transforms his clothing. This transition resonated with me, and I decided to depict it gradually emanating from the panther chain around his neck, symbolizing the genesis of his formidable suit as it envelops his body. This artistic choice serves as a visual metaphor, capturing the essence of Aubameyang’s transformation, akin to the emergence of a superhero, and pays homage to the rich narrative of The Black Panther.

Flat Colours
Flat Colours