the rhythm of the night

Fuego Nites is a party event organised by DJ Timz and DJ Tai backed by Box Park either in Wembley or Croydon, London. After getting accustomed to the Sony A7IV I thought it would be best to test out this camera in a low light environment, while getting my reps in for such events. 

What was key, as I did not have an LED light or a Flash Light, was to have a high ISO while keeping my shutter speed as low as possible when needed to capture the dancing and movement from the event, while ensuring to keep the noise to a minimal as possible.

The images looked good at the time, but that was a lie. When it came time to editing I realised that most of the images I took required work to reduce the noise and grain. Don’t get me wrong sometimes some grain and noise is needed to avoid the images looking too artificial, especially when A.I. art has been the new trend; A trend which also fools people to believe its a real image. Shows how far we’ve come with technology.